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AXIM Fringe Solutions Group

Change is the only real constant in government contracting.
AXIM provides the flexibility to handle it.

Premium Benefits

Voluntary benefits designed specifically for government contractors paid for with fringes.

Compliance Solutions

Every fringe dollar tracked by employee, by hour worked, by benefit elected. Guaranteed!

Fringe Benefits & Profitability

As a government contractor, we can add more value to current and new awards.

Celebrating 10 Years of AXIM

Jim Campbell - AXIM Fringe Solutions Group 10yr Company Message

“Ten years ago, AXIM set off to fill a need.  A need expressed by employers and employees alike from across the country– to build better, more affordable benefits programs that treat people with respect and kindness– a program that earns their trust through full transparency.

As a young Marine, I learned what HONOR, COURAGE, COMMITMENT meant, and even with that background and good family upbringing, I did not fully understand the impact of those words outside of the Marine Corps. As I set out on a new path, with a new team, the goal was to always carry the same level values and deliver on promises to the people that trust and depend on us.”

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AXIM Fringe Solutions Group

In the complex world of government contracting benefits, where the “old guard” frequently provides inadequate service and benefits at inflated costs, we strive to change industry inefficiencies with a model that is more beneficial to the client and their long-term future.

AXIM FSG is the nation’s first and only health and welfare administration and compliance firm that is also a government contractor.

Our custom approach to managing fringe benefits helps government contractors lower overhead and reduce their compliance burden- all while improving contract profitability.

Guaranteed Compliance

In the event of a DOL audit, we pay 100% of any fine you incur.

“No Cost” Partner

As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, our services are at no cost to your bottom line.

Contractors Choice

Only plan that allows voluntary benefits to be paid with government fringes.

Government Contracting Compliance Essentials

In recent years, as much as, 78% of contractors audited by the DOL have been found non-compliant.

Are you prepared for a DOL audit?

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