AXIM Global Strategies Group

Axim Global Strategies Group Overview

More than just a broker…

  • AXIM’s partners enjoy service and technology advantages that brokerages cannot offer. All while using benchmarking and wellness data to hold down renewal cost and foster the growth of your business.
  • As traditional brokerages begin to die out, the AXIM GSG model will be what takes their place. A partnership focused on service and data-based customization. This is opposed to a commission-driven brokerage system that has little incentive to do what is right for a business owner.


With our customized metrics (benchmarking and actuarial tracking) we can help you develop a multi – year strategy Afor benefits that is poised to yield a significant savings over staying with any broker, and helps meet your goals and provides ROI.

AXIM does not try to earn “extra commission” by selling you a new coverage every year, our strategy and platform are designed to help you grow your business while improveing the satisfaction your employees have with the benefits provided.

With rising healthcare costs and ever-changing regulations, organizations must create long-term strategies and have an annual review process in place


AXIM assumes the burden of dealing with your insurance carrier for you. We help by taking over the small but time consuming tasks like registrations, terminations, claims adjudication, enrollments, and benefit questions.

We provide step-by-step assistance to help employees navigate medical plans and benefits. We’ll connect employees with the right resources and advocate for timely resolution of issues.

We provide full ACA compliance, and auditable record keeping with industry leading technology for a timely and hassle free filing.


AXIM’s cutting edge technology assists you with designing your plan, electronic enrollment, and takes over the benefit services your employee’s require. By doing so we can help increase efficiencies, communications, and employee engagement.

Employers and Employees Have 24/7 Access To to our online portal where you can get plan specs, ID card, and information at a moment’s notice.

AXIM Fringe Solutions Group Overview

AXIM Fringe Solutions Group, LLC (AXIM FSG) is the nation’s first and only health and welfare administration and compliance firm that is also a government contractor.

AXIM FSG partners with government contractors as a SDVOSB (Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business) providing consulting, benefits administration, and DOL/ACA compliance for wage determination contracts (Service Contract Act and Davis-Bacon Act).

The AXIM team provides industry leading compliance technology and much-needed guidance on how to maximize benefits, administration, and compliance reporting of the H/W while maximizing the profitability of government contracts.

AXIM is also the only provider to guarantee compliance and assume financial responsibility for any infractions or penalties while managing the H/W compliance for our clients.


  • Being a government contractor, we know that no two contracts (or contractors) are the same. That’s why we built a flexible model that doesn’t require products to be purchased and is fully customizable contract by contract.


  • Using a custom approach to fringe benefits we can help contractors more efficiently manage compliance avoiding costly fines/debarments- all while lowering overhead/G&A and improving contract profitability.


  • Transparency – We provide 100% fully transparent reporting to clients and their employees. When you do something right, there’s nothing to hide

What Our Client Says About Us

CEO & Founder
National Management Consulting Firm

“Jim know benefits. Period. Not only can he craft a benefits package that is attractive to employees, he knows how to navigate the land of SCA and Davis-Back Act compliance. Better yet, he knows how to make it profitable. Jim/AXIM is my ‘go-to’ for benefits within the Government Contracting community.”

Regional Risk Management/HR Firm

“Jim/AXIM have done an outstanding job helping out clients navigate the complex world of SCA accounting and compliance. I would recommend any corporation faced with the daunting task of SCA compliance use their services/expertise.”

Managing Partner
Regional Staffing/Recruiting Firm

“Jim/AXIM has helped my current (and previous) company in providing all insurance related services. With his expertise we were able to create custom plans that allow for the flexibility of my growing companies, and has been able to do so at a better value than other services I’ve dealt with. I consider him a business partner rather than a vendor and look to him for future needs.”

CEO & Co-Founder
Regional IT Solutions/Services Firm

“AXIM has consistently provided us with world class benefits packages, at competitive prices, allowing us to better manage our corporate expenses. We will continue to recommend Jim and AXIM to other businesses/organizations who are truly looking to maximize the value of their benefits packages.”


Curious to learn how we can work with your business to find solutions to the challenges you encounter? Let’s talk!