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A Total Benefits Experience

Why settle for just a
broker, when you can
have a full-service

AXIM Global Strategies Group helps businesses maximize their return on human capital investments. We leverage four key elements- Planning & Strategy, Advocacy, Technology, and Wellness to create a total benefits experience while providing clients with the right solutions

A Full-Service Partner

As Full-Service Partner We don’t just sell you a product and forget about you until renewals next year. AXIM will find you cost-effective health coverage, and provide the year-round advocacy, service, and technology your business needs and deserves.

AXIM’s partners enjoy service and technology advantages that brokerages cannot offer. All while using benchmarking and wellness data to hold down renewal cost and foster the growth of your business.

A True Benefits Partner - AXIM Global Strategies Group [Platform]

AXIM Global Strategies Group is a full-partner that provides service, technology, and advocacy for you and your employees.

Why employers should
outsource benefits administration

Designing and managing a benefits package today is both challenging and expensive. With more than 50% of benefits administrators spending most of their time on benefit plan compliance and lowering costs, it’s no wonder they’re struggling to keep up.

With rising healthcare costs and ever-changing regulations, organizations must create long-term strategies & have an annual review process in place.


Advantages of Human
Capital Management

88% of executives and 85% of benefit managers agree that benefit programs have the most impact on improving employee loyalty as well as increasing employee loyalty as well as increasing employee engagement and lowering company bedical costs (Wells Fargo).

AXIM GSG helps businesses to maximize their return on human capital investments. We leverage four key elements: wellness, services, planning and strategy, and technology – to provide clients with the right solutions.



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