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Fringe Benefits

We Know Fringe Benefits and Government Contracting

Maximize Your Fringe Spend

We understand the prevailing wage space, especially SCA and DBA, and the requirements therein. AXIM also knows how difficult it can be to comply with all the requirements while keeping employees happy and making money.

We see countless contractors looking to grow in the space, adding contracts and employees at a high rate to offset the low margins. Not only does this multiply their DOL risk and overhead associated with the contract, but they have no counterbalance to this increased liability and workload. Partnering with AXIM offsets both (taking full liability in the event of a DOL audit) using only fringe dollars.

Better Compliance Management for Government Contractors

A different approach to compliance reporting and fringe management through technology.

How We’re Different

We are not a vendor
or a broker

We are a strategic partner. The difference is our model is not to sell you a product, our revenue comes from helping our partners exceed their “small business goals” while adding value to their benefits, and profits to their bottom line. Essentially, we succeed when you succeed.

Just like you, we are a
government contractor.

Our entire business model was designed with compliance and profitability in mind. AXIM is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) which gives us a unique insight into Government Contracting that our competitors simply cannot understand.

AXIM’s unbeatable
strategies and service.

Within our framework of a completely transparent, consultative, and restrictions-free model, AXIM is the most comprehensive and cost-effective benefits administration and compliance solution available for contractors.

Custom Fringe Solutions


Typically with SCA employees, coverages can vary from employee to employee making compliance a nightmare in an audit.

Our Solution:

Our compliance model and technology is customizable allowing for greater flexibility. Employees can make individual elections and have them properly tracked according to accrued H/W fringes.


Understanding the individual needs of employees (& their caregivers) is challenging. Without the proper resources, benefits planning can be frustrating.

Our solution:

AXIM provides consulting, planning, benchmarking, and actuarial backing to support benefits decisions. Employees receive better benefits while the company sees bigger year-over-year returns.


All too often, employees are NOT receiving the benefits they want / need and caregivers end up spending MORE. All leading to increased stress & employee dissatisfaction / turnover.


We believe in a “hands-on” delivery model. Face-to-face meetings, caregiver coordination, and direct explanation / assistance at enrollment. This alleviates the additional stress that comes with benefits enrollment. It also creates a more fluid & integrated partnership with employees improving satisfaction.


When not properly done, it leads to disgruntled employees (& caregivers), increased overhead, and ultimately contract profitability loss.


We handle every issue no matter how small it is. We “time, date and stamp” each case which is reflected in our stewardship reports. If we do not do our job – we don’t get paid!

Guaranteed Compliance

Guaranteed compliance with full DOL audit support and 24/7 access to fringe/benefit information for both employees and employers.

Reduce G&A and Overhead

Our fees for compliance and benefits administration can be deducted directly from the fringe dollars.

Bidding Advantages

As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) AXIM can fulfill set-aside credit requirements.

Premium Benefits

Our Contractors Choice Plan offers better benefits that protect workers and their families- all paid for with fringe dollars.

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