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Why AXIM Managed Retirement Solutions (AMRS)

A high quality 401(a) retirement plan…

Demonstrates you care about and value your employees wanting to provide a means for them to plan for their future. Not only will it help attract and retain employees, but it’s also one of the lowest-cost, highest-yielding benefits and employer can offer.

AXIM Managed Retirement Solutions (AMRS)

Greater Choices, Tailored Investment Solutions, Actively Managed Models, & Lower Fees


51% of full-time employees said they’d prefer a position with excellent retirement benefits and minimum salary requirements vs. higher salary and poor retirement benefits.

Offering a high quality 401(a) plan will attract highly skilled candidates to your firm and perhaps even compensate for a smaller starting salary.


64% of full-time employees whose employer doesn’t offer a retirement plan said they would leave their current employer for an identical position with a similar employer that offered one.

With median job tenure being approximately 5 years, a 401(a) plan will help you retain your valuable employees.


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